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PT ALVA PRIMA - TOKO TEKNIK LTC GLODOG JAKARTA.EMAI  :   ALVAPRIMA@CBN.NET.IDNORD GEAR BOX REDUCER & GEARED MOTORSWE ARE SUPLLY / DISTRIBUTOR / AGENT  FOR :  NORDProduct TypesParallel ShaftRight Angle ShaftGeared MotorsShaft Mount SPEED REDUCERGirth GearAGitator GearboxHELICAL GEAR MOTOR & BEVEL GEARWORM GEARVARIATORPLANETARY SHAFT GEARBOXCYCLO SPEED GEAR REDUCERGearboxes are mechanical devices used to increase output torque and reduce the speed, or RPM (Revolutions per Minute) of a motor.The shaft of the motor is connected to the gearbox at one end and through the internal arrangement of gears in the gearbox, a desired output torque and speed is obtained.Depending on the application, gearboxes usually come in the following types: Helical, Bevel-Helical, Worm and Planetary gearboxes.Helical Gear Boxes are the most efficient and most common where Bevel-Helical similar to Helical and are meant to save spaces without sacrificing the advantages of Helical Gear Boxes. Worm Gear Box is a natural braking device and suitable for any application that require to not move when at rest. Lastly Planetary Gear Box is famous for High Reduction Ratio in a compact body.

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